Conference Venue

Sustainable and Smart Advanced Manufacturing Meeting will take place at Guimarães - Portugal

Name: University of Minho – Campus of Azurem
Address: Campus de Azurém, 4800-058 Guimarães – Portugal

The University of Minho is currently one of the most prestigious Portuguese higher education institutions, and is gradually becoming more prominent internationally.
The University was founded in 1973, and it is currently comprised of three campi: the Gualtar Campus, in Braga, and the Azurém and Couros Campi, in Guimarães.

The University of Minho welcomed its first students in the academic year of 1975/76. At present, the University is renowned for its competence and quality of teaching staff, excellence in scientific research, wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses offered and for its high level of interaction with other institutions.

For these reasons, UMinho has a central role in the region and is an important reference for the country and a recognised partner in the European and global scene. Located in the north of Portugal.

Campus of Azurem – University of Minho

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